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Sunday, March 13, 2016

ÉMERGEANCE D'INTRUSION - Exhibition and Residency in Saint-Boniface, Winnipeg MB

Visitors to the Franco-Manitoban Cultural Centre in Winnipeg, MB view the "Dark Water" series of low relief panels.
The CCFM Gallery is a favourite spot while waiting for a table at Stella's restaurant!

Experimenting with the transparency of Plexiglass! 8 x 10 in.

Drawing before incising Plexiglass
Drawing again based on a walk by the Red River in Winnipeg

Detail of incised Plexiglass based on the drawing above. This project is still in progress!

The exhibition runs from March 3 to May 12, 2016. I have been here in Winnipeg since February 19, experimenting with transparency and plant forms, mounting my show of the "Bouquet" and "Dark Water" series, and teaching eight workshops for school children and teachers. The month has gone by very quickly!

I've been fortunate to meet new people, visit galleries and museums and to appreciate the vibrant artistic community in Winnipeg.  

Thank you to the provinces of Manitoba and New Brunswick for supporting my projects at the CCFM.