Sunday, October 19, 2014

Art Across the Marsh Studio Tour

This weekend we took time from our normal activities to drive to Port Elgin, Jolicure, Sackville and Dorchester, NB to visit some of our friends who had opened their studios for the Art Across the Marsh Studio Tour.  Take a look at their work by visiting their web sites if you can't visit them in their studios!

Rachel Marouney of Hidden House Pottery, Port Elgin, NB.

Hidden House afternoon tea

Some of Rachel's work
Rachel and Bob Marouney together have Hidden House Pottery and Press.  Take a drive down Moore Road to find this hidden treasure!

Dorchester, NB - Dennis A. Reid with two recent paintings from his Newfoundland series.
Dennis' studio is located in the former Royal Bank building in Dorchester. It is a great space, dating back to the nineteenth century when Dorchester was the county seat and a busy town.

Ghita Levin with some of her one-of-a-kind wood-fired sculpture and ceramics, Baie Verte, NB.
Ghita's home and studio is located near the marsh by Baie Verte. This weekend, the reeds were golden and orange against a blue sky - a striking sight!

Thaddeua Holownia with his large-format camera in his studio in Jolicure, NB.
Thaddeus' studio and home in Jolicure are near my old stomping grounds in rural New Brunswick.  My aunt and uncle, as well as my parents, owned old farmhouses overlooking the Tantramar Marshes in this area. Thaddeus records the ever-changing conditions directly in front of his studio with the large-format camera. Check it out on Facebook!

After our studio stops, we finished off the afternoon with a delicious meal at the Bell Inn, Dorchester, NB.