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Sunday, January 17, 2016

Ashes and Ice: 'Rencontre primordial' concepts

Steam Fields, watercolour on paper, 10 x 30 in. 2016
Final work will be about 4 x 9 ft., acrylic on incised plywood panels

Greenhouses, watercolour on paper, 15 x 30 in. 2016
Final work will be about 4 x 6 ft., acrylic on incised plywood panels.
Thanks to ArtsNB for their support of my project 'Rencontre primordial,' comprising five large format low relief paintings based on my residency in Iceland last July. While arranging for new studio space, I have continued sketching in watercolour.  Each of these sketches combines elements from more than one location.  Final large works will be simplified, textured and darkened.

Je remercie ArtsNB de leur appui de mon projet "Rencontre primordial,' qui comprend cinq tableaux à grand format qui s'inspirent de ma résidence en Islande juillet passé.  Lorsque je fais de arrangements pour un espace studio, je complètent des esquisses en aquarelle.  Chaque dessin combine des éléments de plus d'un locale. Je planifie des tableaux simplifiés,  incisés et plus sombres en ton.

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