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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Gyro in Several Formats

"Gyro" 22" x 46" with surface carving
 I am almost finished carving "Gyro" before sanding more of the surface. I may darken some of the painted areas with small amounts of paint and perhaps add a small amount of  transparent white dry-brushed over some of the carved out areas. I want to retain the roughness of the wood as the main feature. I should say dry-swiped as I will be using a piece of dish-cloth instead of a brush. It works for me!

I will also try the panels upside-down and turned different ways. I tried arranging the panels in a vertical format for this frottage and I like the contrast between the horizontal and the vertical grains in the wood. I will try this with the panels as well. Perhaps I will not be attaching spacers behind two of them, but attach the same spacers behind all three panels. It does set the piece off from the wall and cast shadows which function as a sort of frame.

"Gyro Frottage"  wax rubbing stick on mulberry paper
I decided to see what the frottage would look like attached to canvas, so I made a sample. This is pre-primed canvas, but I prefer the natural side of the weave. I wet both sides, then removed excess water with a sponge and stapled the canvas to plywood. On a clean piece of newsprint, I placed the frottage face-down and sprayed it with water to dampen it. Next, I coated the canvas with acrylic matte medium with a large flat brush. I applied the frottage to this, smoothing it right-side up with a large, clean brush. It adhered perfectly and I am anxious to see the result when it is completely dry.

The canvas could be lightly stained before the frottage is glued on. There is also the possibility of collaging other materials as well. I prefer to use restraint and to keep in mind the aesthetic of the unfinished.

Sample frottage adhered to canvas.

"Bric-a-Brac" in development.

"Bric-a-Brac" again.

I can't seem to decide which arrangement I prefer, so I aim to drill holes for bolts which will allow the pieces to go together several ways. This will be a new challenge, but perhaps I will find a new arrangement!

I am also working on the spacers and the hanging system for "Curves" and the paperwork for shipping my work to AIB for the January residency.